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  1. Yes I live in Erin Tn and when we bought our house 4 years ago.:The neighbor had tried to claim about 20 feet of our property stating he had been mowing it while the prior people lived in our house which we corrected him and a year or so ago he tried to go back to mowing it again. This guy is very difficult and his dogs tear up our property which we tried nice then not so nice then I took him to court after his dog jumped on my truck in my driveway and scratched it… anyway I have some willow bushes and want to get them as close to the property line as possible so he doesn’t try to claim our property as his. These bushes that we are putting in as privacy from his yard, he lives on a higher hill from us and we don’t want them to get to watch us in our yard and we don’t want to see them either. These bushes get up to 50;feet tall and up to 35 feet in diameter.how far from the property line can I plant them without my neighbor taking over my property?

    • This is definitely a legal question and as such, should go to an attorney.
      My understanding is that simply mowing a yard does not constitute “Open and Notorious” possession.
      As for the bushes, he (and you) have the right to trim right up to your property line (fruit trees have an exclusion, but that is a whole other matter). If you plant the trees on or very near the line, he can trim everything that hangs over his property line. Furthermore, if you make an actual barrier between him and you with the trees and leave some property on the other side of them, you may be setting yourself up for a case of adverse possession as the barrier changes the dynamics. See this link for information on that, https://www.tnlds.com/legal-land-theft-valid-process/.

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