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  1. The lake height is over the top today! You should not let it go above its levels because it is destroying peoples property lines, their docks, stairs and it just is mind boggling that no one sued you all for damages!

    • Ok, so I am not the government and don’t control the lake.

      On May 29th at 10:00 pm, the reservoir level (lake) of Douglas Lake was at 998.34*. It can still go up 3.66 feet before it reaches the 1002′ contour, which is the 100-year flood.

      TVA has a flowage easement up to the 1007′ contour. Anything constructed below that (docks included) are done at the peril of the landowner.

      And one last thing, the only way someone can sue the federal government is to get permission from the federal government to sue the federal government. Also, TVA, while an independent agency, is controlled by the federal government to some degree. So suing is not such an easy prospect.

      *go here to get the app

  2. TVA is doing a great job controlling the lake. The only two itdd we ms needing improvement is better communication. The web site needs to be improved. The other is keeping the lake level at 996 longer in the fall and publish a ‘we are lowering the lake on this date ##|##|##.

    • Still trying to figure out why you are posting this on a private survey company’s website, but sure, sounds like a plan.
      Of course, you could download the TVA Lake app and see a lot of what you are looking for.

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