Continuing Education for Realtors

Timothy J Howell, RLS (TREC #1623) is the approved instructor for the following courses.

source: PA DEP

The Subdivision Process – 2 CE hours
(TREC #7723)
With many lenders no longer accepting multiple residences on single properties, the chances of a Realtor dealing with dividing property has increased significantly. This course will instruct the Realtor as to how to divide property, what can be divided, and what to expect when dealing with the planning commission. Additionally, the course will introduce the learner to the process from a surveyor’s point of view – detailing the field, office, and approval processes.

How a Survey is Completed – 2 CE hours
download(TREC #7724)
Discrepancies are inevitable when comparing any surveys. These discrepancies compound when dealing with aged surveys. This course teaches Realtors to recognize the limitations of older surveys and thereby assist their clients to manage their expectations when relying upon them.

Working with Legal Descriptions – 3 CE hours
Capture(TREC #7722)
As the first person dealing with the property, a listing agent must be able to understand what it is that the client is listing. This course teaches Realtors how to read, write, and plot legal descriptions as well as identify the age or potential integrity of a description in order for the Realtor to serve their clients by anticipating issues.

Finding Property Corners– 4 CE hours (only offered in special situations)
topo-map-read(TREC #7721)
Whether listing or showing land, Realtors will field questions regarding the location of property lines and corners. This course instructs Realtors on utilizing maps, geographical information systems (GIS), compasses, GPSs, and pacing in order to locate property lines.

Bring your laptop, hand held GPS, tablet, or smart phone.

Flood Plains – 3 CE hours
(TREC #7719)
Elevation Certificates are necessary for obtaining flood insurance coverage for properties located within special flood hazard areas. This course teaches Realtors to identify whether or not properties are located within special flood hazard areas, read Elevation Certificates completed by surveyors, engineers, or architects, and in certain circumstances, prepare an Elevation Certificate for their client.

Survey 101 – 3 CE hours
(TREC #7720)
There is a common misconception among most people (and many Realtors) of what a surveyor does. Part 1 of this course teaches Realtors the basics of land surveying and instructs them how to property order a survey.

Survey 102 – 3 CE hours
(TREC #7725)
There is a common misconception among most people (and many Realtors) of what a surveyor does. Part 2 of this course teaches Realtors about property development, understanding legal descriptions, map reading, and an introduction to floodplains.