TNLDS’s coverage area is centered on the office in Sevierville. Our primary area is shown here and then all of the outlying regions. We can survey anywhere in Tennessee; however, the survey price increases as the work gets further from the office or into harder-to-access areas.

Primary Area

This is our primary coverage area. It is where most of our work is located.
The primary area is comprised of the following areas:

  • Hamblen
  • Jefferson
  • Much of Cocke
  • Sevier
  • Knox
  • Much of Blount

Outlying Areas

Of the elements that go into pricing a survey, field-time has the most significant impact. The limitation of time in the day controls how much work can be completed. When there is a lot of travel time, the amount of work that can be completed is significantly impacted. We can provide an estimate for work outside of our coverage area, just understand that we have to take travel into account and the price we quote may be cost prohibitive.