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  1. if an acre of land was surveyed off from a large parcel of land yet was never recorded at the deeds office for 26 years and the land has passed ownership twice… is the 26 year old survey legal since it was never recorded for 26 years?

    • A survey is ALWAYS legal (provided the surveyor didn’t have their license revoked regarding that specific survey). I don’t think this is what you are asking, though.
      As for recording it, there is a high likelihood that the old survey will not conform to current recording standards. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t have the required certifications and other elements that are now needed that may not have been needed at the time of the survey. If the surveyor is still alive and working, they could update the map to conform to said standards. More than likely, they would require resurveying the property.

      On to the actual land. I am assuming that the “pass(ing) ownership” included a description of the land from the survey so that you are talking about the transfer of the subdivided piece and not that of the parent tract. This means that the subdivision was done by deed and that the survey is not “needed” to be recorded. There may be information on that survey plat that would be of benefit and has some legal standings (if the deed refers to it) should there be an issue. I am not too certain that any register of deeds I know would actually record a map like that – unless it is over 5 acres and again, the surveyor is in good standing.

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