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  1. Do the purple stripes need to be directly painted on trees and posts or can they be a bit more elaborate. For example, can it be a purple metal sign nailed to a tree? This would look nicer in my opinion.

    • “If purple paint is used, then purple paint must be vertical lines of not
      less than eight inches (8″) in length and not less than one inch (1″) in width;
      placed so that the bottom of the mark is not less than three feet (3′) or more than
      five feet (5′) from the ground; and placed at locations that are reasonably likely to
      come to the attention of a person entering the property.”

      The words “not less” implies that you may use purple “signs” that are at least 1″ wide and 8″ tall. If you want to use an 8×10 sign, that is up to you.

    • One advantage of painting the marks directly on trees is the lack of nails that could affect future timber value of the trees. Nails and screws can also endanger saw operators should the tree ever need to be removed for any reason, storm damage, etc.

  2. I have sprayed purple paint on my whole property at required hights widths distance from the ground an law enforcement still take it upon themselves to cross my Gates an walk threw the woods onto my property I have ask many times that they not come on my property without a legal warnent but it doesn’t help can u tell me what the law says about the law enforcement entering my property without a legal warnent

    • This is a legal question. You will need to consult an attorney on that. I know that trespassing is trespassing whether is it posted or not. I know it doesn’t impede my ability to survey. As a surveyor in Tennessee, I am exempt from trespass laws (but I am liable for damages I cause). How this affects law enforcement, I cannot say.

  3. Are there any light trespassing laws in Tennessee? Like a neighbor who is lighting up the entire inside of your house with an unnecessary flood light?

    • As far as I can tell, there are no state-wide laws regarding light trespass. I did find that Johnson City, TN has an ordinance regarding just this issue. You would need to check with your individual municipality or county government. Call codes enforcement for your area and ask. It may not exist – yet. However, if there is enough issue, your area may be willing to institute a policy. Begin with codes and then move to your elected officials to deal with it.

  4. Do I have to put any marking signs at any points or do you just mark with purple paint? I want it to be legally posted.

    • I don’t believe that the law specified. It states, “placed at locations that are reasonably likely to
      come to the attention of a person entering the property.” This means that, if you can reliably expect them to wander in across any part of your boundary, you would likely need to have them intervisible. By that, I mean that crossing onto your property would mean that you could reasonably see two from any entry point.

      For me, in relatively open terrain, I would paint every 100′ or so. If I had a fence, I would paint the tops of every post (because I am OCD that way).

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  6. It just burns my butt that a Property Owner/Tax Payer has to use their time and money to mark property owned by them. The trespasser knows what land they own and what they don’t so because of these idiots the property owner is held responsible to absorb the cost.

    • I assume this possibly stems from way back when people hunted and fished all the land. When we were pissed at the King owning everything and wanted the freedom to do what we wanted. I know when I am not on my property I am either on public land or, more likely, private property. Most people do.

      Now, you don’t have to post anything. What changes is that if you don’t, you have to tell them to get off first, and if they don’t, then you can call the law. If it is posted, you can just call the law. That being said, unless they are actively damaging/stealing/threatening life you will likely not get law enforcement out there as there are too many other things for them to deal with that are much more pressing. I wish they didn’t have to deal with domestic violence, active shooters, bomb scares, and other horrible things and could just police trespassing, but alas, we don’t pay enough taxes to have a police force that big (and would we want one?).

  7. If I have evidence of continual trespass (golf course and subdivisions surround us) what should I do. I think cutting out a fence panel, removing the barb-wire, cutting a 2’ x 2’ hole in the fence is a pretty big issue.Also located 2 illegal deer stands! I am wondering if I should make an official report and if it should be local police or county sheriffs? Also, someone told me to notify Fish and Wildlife. Which is the best plan of action? Just trying to keep the cattle and horses contained but I am getting worried!

    • If you are in the city (or a municipality with its own law enforcement) then you call the police. If you are in the county, you call the sheriff. If you are reporting poaching, then contact the wildlife agency. As for anything else, I would suggest contacting a lawyer to determine your best course of action.
      I am sorry I cannot help any more than that.

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