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    • We have 1 lot. Lot 17 in applewood subdivision 10 minutes from Pintree. The lot slopes downhill from back to front. This affects the design of the house, foundation , the drive , the septic field, and reayard grading to deal with water from lhigher lots behind this one. We would like a proposal to prepare a lot topo. One foot contours preferred. I now you are busy. I just finished a home taking 12 months, when it should have only taken 6 or 7. We are just starting the process. Thank you

  1. Ok then… How about a wooded .6 acre lot outside Dandridge on Douglas lake? Pricing for a survey? Most paperwork we received with the property was hand written on letter sized paper. Coming from Chicagoland, I’m not used to ‘informal-looking’drawings and documents like that, but I’m hoping to build sometime this fall.

  2. Hi I purchased a 1.11 Acer lot in cocke county Tennessee on dark hollow road near the pigeon river. How much is that to survey? Please and thank you.

  3. I need some property surveyed. Located 3 miles from Strawberry Plains exit. Do you do this or can you recommend someone?

  4. How much does the land need to be cleaned off to test, cause when building I want to be able to keep as many trees as possible?

    • I am not sure what you are asking. I mean, I prefer a nice, clear lot to survey, but that doesn’t often happen. We can survey through nearly anything – the price may just be more if it is too thick.
      As for testing (percolation), you would need to talk to the person who is doing it, but realistically, if you can walk in with a couple of 5-gallon buckets, a post hole digger, and a breaker bar, that’s good enough.

    • EVERYONE is buried at the moment (like I have over 40 jobs in the queue right now). I have to use my early mornings and weekends just to get caught up with office stuff. Calls take too long (and get forgotten/lost) and so I prefer written communication. I have a form for survey requests and many other surveyors use text and email.

  5. Please send me an email. I understand you have a lot of priorities. I definitely need a surveyor for my property. Thank you.

  6. I tried to click on your survey request but the screen is totally blank. I cannot do a request if nothing comes up to fill out. Please send me the request form as I need a surveyor ASAP.

    • If you are looking for work to be completed, you need to submit a survey request. Just know that we do not do percolation tests. For this, you should contact the Environmental Health Department in your area.

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