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  1. I’ve been curious about the different work that a surveyor does, and I’m glad that you talked about there being 4 basic levels of their work. We’ve been needing to have a surveyor come to my dad’s house to get things marked off for him, and it sparked my curiosity about their work. I’m going to have to see if we can find a good local surveyor and try to figure out which of the 4 levels we need for our service! Thank you!

    • Not every surveyor does every level. I have met many surveyors who will not “only mark corners.” They claim there is too much liability in it. I have found that many people think they just want their corners marked, but later want to have a full survey done. Actually, they just want a copy of the survey without paying for the work. Maybe this is the liability that these others talk about.

  2. My name is Sam Strange 208 Bradford Square Morristown Tn 37814. Can you give me a call ASAP. I really only need one side of my property done, marked. 423-231-0234 If you don’t just do one side, call anyway and we talk about what needs done. Thanks

  3. Question – I have a TCC monument (#249) on my property survey, is there a way I can get the GPS coordinates for that monument?
    Thanks much.

    p.s. Your website is fantastic for the non-professional. I have learned a lot.

      • I need to ask a question—- how many feet away does the survey line need to be away from a old single wide trailer that was being used for storage but will eventually be removed can the Aubrey line go thru like it’s not there? Thank you

        • This is literally a zoning question. Every county and municipality have their own rules to how close you can build to a property line. Some have different rules for residences and accessory buildings. Some have no limits at all. You will need to contact either Zoning or Codes enforcement for your region to determine if there is a setback for it.

  4. I need to find the 4 corners of a property I own located at
    4971 Jay St
    Morristown, TN 37814

    I would like to know when you could do it and how much.


  5. i have property in TN that has a spring on it and my neighbor has crossed over onto
    my property to run piping across my property to a water storage tank to get his water. this is our retirement home and we are not there full time as of yet , we asked our neighbor if he has done this to please find another sourc4e of water and he said he had not, but the storage tank is there and sitting right next to our property closer than 15 feet . We had an illness and death in our family and hadn’t been back to the property in a while and now we find out he is selling his property ? what rights do we have

    • If he does not have an easement or rights granted to him via deed for the use of the spring, he likely doesn’t have the right to cross your land for the water. As for the location of the tank, that is a zoning question and you would need to contact zoning or codes enforcement to know what to do about that.

      You probably need to talk to an attorney about whether this person has a legal right to access the spring. It is possible and not uncommon, but just because it is there, doesn’t grant the right to use it.

  6. Hi, My name is Dawn, I recently bought a piece of property in the town of Cosby, Sevier Co. Is this an area that you would consider traveling to? I did get a physical address and I am looking to get the property surveyed for an excavator to come in.

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