Below is a list of future offering ideas I might create. Please email me if any of these sound like something you would like to take.

Big Ideas:

Many of the classes below might be either longer courses or might be presented in a series. Additionally, there might be an introductory class to any of them and then more advanced, stand-alone classes for those more interested in learning more in depth. Many of these topics could only be slightly touched upon in a 2-3 hour CE class.

  • Mediation
    This class will educate the learner in how to mediate disputes. The learner will learn the processes of working as a mediator as well as maintaining neutrality.
  • Facilitating Groups
    This course is designed to give the learner a basic understanding of how to work with groups to assist them in collaborations. It will cover how to verify inferences and make interventions.
  • Fairmindedness
    This course is designed to educate the student on what it means to be fairminded and what steps are needed to work towards it.
  • Negotiations
    We negotiate daily with others as well as with ourselves. A better understanding of how to negotiate is fundamental to advancing in business and life.
  • Improved Communications
    Communication is the foundation of doing business. This class is aimed at improving the learners’ communication skills – verbal, non-verbal, and written.
  • Better Decisions
    This course analyzes how we make decisions and assists in guiding the student to a better way of making them.
  • Conflict Management
    Conflict is the friction that makes the world go round. It is always present. It is not possible to live without conflict. However, it is possible to manage conflict in your life more effectively.