Only finding property corners? — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve been curious about the different work that a surveyor does, and I’m glad that you talked about there being 4 basic levels of their work. We’ve been needing to have a surveyor come to my dad’s house to get things marked off for him, and it sparked my curiosity about their work. I’m going to have to see if we can find a good local surveyor and try to figure out which of the 4 levels we need for our service! Thank you!

    • Not every surveyor does every level. I have met many surveyors who will not “only mark corners.” They claim there is too much liability in it. I have found that many people think they just want their corners marked, but later want to have a full survey done. Actually, they just want a copy of the survey without paying for the work. Maybe this is the liability that these others talk about.

  2. My name is Sam Strange 208 Bradford Square Morristown Tn 37814. Can you give me a call ASAP. I really only need one side of my property done, marked. 423-231-0234 If you don’t just do one side, call anyway and we talk about what needs done. Thanks

  3. Question – I have a TCC monument (#249) on my property survey, is there a way I can get the GPS coordinates for that monument?
    Thanks much.

    p.s. Your website is fantastic for the non-professional. I have learned a lot.

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